An Extraordinary Platform where $1 + Teamwork + Strategy = Thousands

10X, 100X, 1000X, OR MORE

Right time, right place.  Just one dollar to get started

Three Easy Steps


Step 1 - Register


Step 2 - Lock in with just $1


Step 3 - Follow PIF Success Strategy


No Depending on Traders

Powerful Platform increases everyone's ROI. Increases your Bitcoin regardless of market fluctuations.  We've taken a wildly successful program of the past and intoroduced it to the new Digital Dolla or Bitcoin. We call it Dazlin Dolla.


Just tell everyone who has a $1

No pressure as everyone has a buck lying around, between the couch, in the car, in your pocket, in a piggy bank, change from convenience stores, grocery shopping, shopping in general.  Right?!


Help somebody, help yourself

You can have everything you want just by helping others, who have a buck, help themselves.  Kind of Biblical.  Right?! Where everyone has opportunity to say, "Yes", and prosper.


An Extraordinary Platform for success

Get your piece of the Bitcoin boom

It's not too late and if you have $1, our platform is the vehicle of the masses.


Experts Predict 1 Bitcoin Worth

Many in the know predict just one Bitcoin will be worth over $2 million in just two years from now.

Now, you have the chance to accumulate serval Bitcoin and all from a one time out of pocket $1 spend.

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Lifestyle Riches is a Mindset

We have devised a program where no one has an excuse not to become wealthy.

If you have $1, and can help 10 others who have $1 - you can live the lifestyle of your dreams.  Never wanting for anything that money can buy.  You can have it all.

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This system allows everyone to not only participate but, prosper beyond belief.  It's just a dolla so, everyone joins without hesitation.  So exciting.

Tantalizing Bits I tell you.  Delicious Bits and Bits and more Bits.  Precise blueprint for success, that PIF Strategy.  So, it really is amazing and really does work like a charm.

Our team committed to the PIF Strategy and it is going ballistic.  Funny thing, that PIF deal becomes contagious as everyone is paying it forward and it is causing those who can't  refer others as fast as some others to make nearly the same as those who do and some have made more.  Yeah, the real key is the PIF strategy.  Easy to buy in, easy to have others join as it is only a "dolla".  Nearly everyone you invite will join AND, this is really important.  They can actually afford to PIF through the whole thing.  So, have you seen this amazing Power PIF Strategy?


Q. How many Levels?
A. Four levels as indicated by Groups

Q. How much?
A. The cost is $1 (one-time only), to participate (Blockchain miner fee is approx a little less than $1 and is added to absorb processing costs).

This is rebated back to members in the form of spillover, automatic advancement, and bonuses paid. So basically, you are right back to just $1 out of pocket!!!).

Also, by using the PIF Strategy - members save most of the Blockchain fees for each $1 (depositing enough to PIF 10 or more from the start or about $12).

Q. Refunds?
A. Absolutely NOT. Do Not Join if this is your intent. No Refunds. Period.

Q. How much can I earn?
A. Virtually unlimited, we do cap at just Over $2 million

Q. What is the Product?
A. Massive Instant Advertising in the member back office ($1 one-time out of pocket for this service). One heck of a value.

Q. Comp plan?
A. See Here starting with Stage 1 and ending with Stage 2.

Q. How and when am I paid?
A. Payments are sent instantly and automatically to your wallet of choice - min payout is $10).

Q. Exactly, what do I need to do?
A. Step 1 - Join | Step 2 - Activate with your $1 payment | Step 3 - Use our Exact Ad copy and promotional material to "Get The Word Out" to others "Before" they "Get The Word Out" to You and check your back office for commissions, spillover, and spillunder!!  



Join FREE and LOCK in FAST, for best possible position



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